Specialist Property Finding Department

Actively sourcing off market opportunities for clients

Lowther’s are the only local Estate Agent that has set up a specialist property finding company to help you find a home as well as sell one. We feel that a lot of Estate Agents only concentrate on helping the owner sell and then they are effectively on their own with regards to trying to find a suitable purchase.

Lowthers realise that finding a suitable property to move to is just as important if not more important to most people than selling and therefore we have a specialist property property finding department which proactively helps our clients find suitable homes to move to. We can help with both on and off market opportunities and will be there at all times to help identify, negotiate, secure and progress the purchase through to completion. This is particularly useful whether the client is looking locally or out of the area. If you are looking to move away from the area we will conduct market research on your behalf to give you peace of mind knowing that you are not over paying for the property. We can also give you information with regards to demographics on the area and information with regards to schools and amenities.

Lowthers property finders

Visit www.lowtherpropertyfinders.com for more information.

Lowthers Property Finding Service will ensure will ensure the move goes as smoothly as possible as we will be looking after the whole transaction on your behalf. The client will potentially also get access to off market properties and have their own director appointed to advise them with regards to negotiating on their onward purchase.